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Why I am always tired/fatigue management

Why I am tired all the time

In medical jargon to talk about fatiguealways tired, on the term asthenia and this affects all age groups. This fatigue has varying degrees of intensity and duration over time from one individual to another. It can be due to sleep disorders or work shifted, it is called chronobiological disorders. But fatigue can also be a symptom of a physical pathology or a mental illness. Moreover, nearly 1% of the population would be confronted with a chronic fatigue syndrome, on the syndrome of which it is not initially affected.

According to a recent study, for 56% of people, sleep problems cause a nuisance in the workplace with repercussions on energy, dynamism and concentration.

To remedy the famous helm, the nap seems well indicated but still need to have the opportunity to rest … for example in his workplace.

Sneaky, it falls on us and slows us down, the blow of fatigue is a plague that can strike at any time. In some companies, employees can enjoy a space dedicated to napping.

Light, soft music, comfortable chairs … In the rest area, the naps are programmed for a duration of twenty minutes. “Resting in the company is not something natural, there is obviously resistance, but there is a strong conviction that the well-being of employees is compatible, must converge with the performance of the company. company and it is in this spirit that fits our space of recovery “, confides Sophie Benchetrit, delegated director of establishments Renault headquarters. To gradually bring the employee into a relaxation phase and gradually help him emerge, the light varies in several shades. A rest program designed with sleep and recovery specialists to improve efficiency. “People who take naps when they are in chronic sleep deprivation will recover from the immune system.” Napping is better resisting infections, better also withstand the sensations of physical pain. people who nap regularly are less painful than people who do not nap.By the nap, we also have a mental recovery, mainly on memory.A nap of twenty minutes represents two to three hours of vigilance and recovery mental well preserved,.

The ideal nap is done before 3 pm and should be less than 30 minutes to avoid disrupting nighttime sleep.

fatigue(always tired) management

Vitamin or energy anti-fatigue foods/Fatigue management

Five families of anti-fatigue foods rich in vitamins help to prevent a decline in shape. Sometimes we have a decrease in tone during the day; in this case a little boost of vitamins and / or energy is always useful.

Fatigue management1: Cookies, long-term energy

Contrary to popular belief, the main ingredient of cookies is often wheat, and their energy comes from their carbohydrate content.

To have a slow diffusion energy, choose biscuits made from whole flour rich in complex carbohydrates (at least 50% starch). Evidence to support, some biscuits are, as well as pasta, excellent allies anti-strokes pump.

At breakfast, biscuits, small butters or biscuits specially designed for the morning meal provide energy that lasts and help to stay in shape until lunch. Accompanied by a boiled egg, 2 season fruits produced locally and from organic farming, and a drink, tea, coffee or squeezed lemon juice, this full and full of energy long breakfast duration is ideal to avoid late morning pump stroke.

Simple or complex, carbohydrates are transformed into glucose by the body. Moreover, glucose is the almost exclusive fuel of some of our organs, including the brain. Since only a small amount of glucose can be stored, a regular intake of glucose is needed to sustain attention. Indeed, the brain needs about 5 grams of glucose per hour, or 120 grams per day.

Fatigue management 2: Fruits, a concentrate of vitamins

Many vitamins and minerals are involved in the proper functioning of the brain. Group B vitamins (B1, B6, B9, B12) and vitamin C are especially important for maintaining your intellectual and physical abilities.

Bet on vitamin B1, essential for the activity of the nervous system and memory, and vitamin B6 which improves the states of fatigue more or less intense.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid), essential for the growth and functioning of the nervous system, facilitates learning and memorization. Green leafy vegetables (chicory, lamb’s lettuce, spinach) are among the best sources of B9 vitamins, and among fruits, melon and strawberry play an important role: the melon contains 10 times more than the apple, and strawberry 9 times more than apricot.

Vitamin C, we know less, helps maintain a good level of cognitive performance (memory and learning). It is involved in brain function and plays a role in the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine. The best sources of vitamin C are, in descending order, guava, blackcurrant, parsley, pepper and, to a lesser extent, kiwi, strawberry and orange.

Fatigue management 3: Dried fruits, instant stimulants

To quickly recharge your batteries during the day, and especially during a physical effort (hiking, tennis match.) Or intellectual, nothing like to eat some dried fruits or dried fruits. And for the morning or afternoon snack, put in the school bags dried apricots, almonds, pistachios rich in protein or hazelnuts, easy to eat at the moment of the break.

Dried fruits (apricots, prunes, bananas, figs) contain 4 to 5 times more supplements than their fresh equivalents. They owe their energy wealth to their sugar content, while dried fruits (or oilseeds) are mostly high in fat. They are excellent sources of minerals, including potassium and magnesium, which play an important role in the proper functioning of muscles. Thanks to this exceptional richness of magnesium and associated with chocolate and banana snacks, almonds effectively help relieve back pain if it is of muscular origin. Consuming dried and dried fruits is also part of the nutritional choices that we recommend to a site visitor wishing to know how to eat to lose weight and stay competitive in intensive sports

Fatigue management 4: Snacks made from goat and sheep dairy products

To fill a small hollow and find the parade to a drop in tone during the day, also think of products derived from goat’s milk or sheep. They bring you protein, vitamins and calcium without too much fat, unlike cow’s milk, and you do not want to crack anything before dinner. For example, opt for this energetic snack: a good sheep’s milk rice with honey or agave syrup and some raisins!

Fatigue management 5: Drinks, Waters and Energy Drinks

Every day we lose about 2.6 liters of water through sweating, breathing and elimination (urine). A 2% drop in body water reduces work capacity by 20%. It is essential to maintain a good level of hydration for the proper functioning of the body.

Drinking regularly during the day can also help to avoid pecks and wait until the next meal. Mineral waters can supplement the mineral intake as part of a sports regime. They are more or less rich in mineral salts (with different levels of calcium, sodium and magnesium), and thus participate partly in the coverage of our daily needs. Thus, magnesium contributes to the regularity of intestinal transit and sodium is essential to overcome dehydration

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