Manicure and cuticle care

Manicure and cuticle care

A beautiful manicure with immediately hands in value. Not always easy to master, it requires a certain technique and adapted products. Nail care, nail polish … All our tips and tricks to take care of your nails and achieve a perfect manicure.

Our best bill to help withstand daily demands? The manicure.
But since we do not always have the time (and the money) to go to the beautician, it’s better to have a homemade manicure.

Nail Care: The Basics of a Beautiful Manicure

To protect our nails, as sensitive as our skin, we must start our manicure in 4 steps:

Lime to shape them according to the desired shape (squares, rounded, sharp …), but also to prevent them from splitting.
In a solution based on repairing or moisturizing oil, on the fingers to soften the cuticles before repelling with a boxwood stick.
Using a polisher, smooth the surface of the nails to make shine and facilitate the application of the varnish.
Apply a varnish base coat to protect and strengthen the nails.
Once the manicure is over, you can finally let the creativity and apply the varnish of your choice.

Colors for hands in colors
Nail polishes can dress hands and make even more beautiful.

Plain or sequined, matte finish, shiny or velvet … To choose according to the season and its desires.

In summer, on pastel shades and flashys (coral, lagoon blue or water green). In winter, calm with the play of more discreet colors (bare, burgundy, gray, bottle green …).

The semi-permanent nail polish is perfect to ensure perfectly polished nails for several weeks.
Natural products enthusiasts can now opt for varnishes whose formulas contain less chemical components (the latter have been replaced by potato starch, corn …), reputed to be more respectful of the nail. .

French manicure, nail art, false nails: the art of decorating nails
 Those looking for more eccentricity can opt for nail art, the technique of drawing patterns on her nails.

The classic French Manicure (technique that highlights the natural colors of the nail and shines) remains timeless.

This trend, launched by American women, is not easy to achieve oneself, especially when the nails are not long enough and require the installation of false nails.

This is often the relief solution for those who have natural short nails, or tend to eat them: false nails gel or resin.

Again, a certain technique is needed to put them on and remove them without damaging the natural nail. For beginners, it is better to turn to a professional salon or institute.

How to take care of your cuticles?

For a successful handshake, take the time to heal our skins and cuticles. But is not the queen of nails who wants! To adopt the right gestures, we trust Agathe Pons (aka BleuCocotte), makeup artist and expert in manicure.
Cuticles, everyone talks about it, but few people really know what they are and how to maintain them. Refresher course with Agathe Pons, aka Bleucocotte, makeup artist and manicurist, specialist in nail care.

Cuticles, what is it?
Above all, it is important to distinguish the cuticles from the eponychium, which we often tend to confuse: “The cuticles are the small dead skin hung on the surface of the nail, while the eponychium is the small bead of skin along the bottom of the nail “, explains Agathe Pons.
The cuticles as such are unsightly. Because of them, even the most careful manicure does not seem successful. On the hands as on the feet, they prevent a pose of impeccable varnish and create an irregular edge of nail.

“For all these reasons, we must lift, push and eradicate our cuticles.As for the eponychium, we do not try to cut it to avoid the risk of infection, but it is pushed back to enlarge the plate of the fingernail, and one feeds it generously “, recommends our specialist.

The right actions to remove them (without leaving your skin)
To repair our bruised nails, clean these skins that ruin our manicure and reveal the beauty of our hands: some wise advice and controlled gestures are de rigueur.

“First of all, you nail your nails,” says Agathe Pons, “then we use a special cuticle emollient, not an oil or a hand cream, but a product designed for cuticles. all around the fingernail on the five fingers of your hand and let it work for about 30 seconds. “

Our expert advises us to remove the excess product with a cotton. Then, gently push the outside of the nail towards the hand, using a professional metal pusher rounded edge. With this gesture, the cuticles are destroyed and the eponychium is pushed. To refine our work, head to the bathroom for a scrub of the hands (or feet) with a suitable product or a homemade recipe, to choose from. We massage a few minutes insisting on the edges of the nails.

According to Agathe Pons, “the scrub helps to remove residues still present on our nails.To complete this rescue, we try to wash hands with soap and water with a soft bristle nail brush.”

The ideal routine for daily maintenance
Cleaning our cuticles is good, but preventing them from reappearing is better! To do this, there is no magic recipe: diligence is the key.

“We put on a cuticle oil that is applied every night on the edges of the nails and on the nails if they are bare.Mould gently massage to penetrate the assets and accelerate the blood circulation at the base of the nail and voila.” To ensure the health and clarity of our hands, we mimic Agathe Pons and we leave this oil on our bedside table to apply just before bedtime. “During the night, the assets have time to penetrate and act for several hours.”

These tools to ban without further delay
“Under no circumstances should our actions hurt us,” says our expert. That’s why I always recommend avoiding tools like boxwood sticks or Y-cuticle cutters, these are two objects that do not forgive, and with them there is too much risk of injury. paronychia through the infection, a poorly controlled movement and it is the disaster assured. “

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