Eye wrinkles

How to get rid of eye wrinkles under the eyes?

The look is the first thing we see in others. Seduction, social bond, direct gaze or fleeting glance, mild or severe … the look speaks volumes about the person. He also says a lot about his age and his lifestyle. This is how the eye contour is marked, over the years of wrinkles and fine lines. Whether they are expression lines or mark the passage of time, few people appreciate their eye wrinkles.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce wrinkles under the eyes. We tell you everything.

Where do our eye wrinkles come from?

Before addressing the solutions to correct the problem of wrinkles, it is important to know the cause of this problem. Thus, attacking the symptom without being interested in the cause, can not give lasting effect.

Of course, there is the normal aging process that affects the whole body and affects everyone. Aging is characterized by sagging skin due to loss of elastin and collagen.

Then come causes that we will be easier to intervene: tobacco, excess sun, lack of care of our skin, poor hydration and lack of physical exercise.

Wrinkles expressions are a case apart. If some people like the crow’s feet that are the laugh lines of people who “laugh with the eyes”, the case is more common in men than women. Women who have these wrinkles at the corner of their eyes would like to get rid of them, while still laughing heartily!

Eye wrinkles under the eyes: first aid

Let’s leave aside the normal aging of the skin and let’s look at the causes on which we have the opportunity to act.

The solutions within our reach to limit the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes are, for example:

– An improvement of our lifestyle and the practice of an outdoor sport to oxygenate the whole body and in particular our skin as a whole;

– The adoption of healthy lifestyle: limit or eliminate the consumption of tobacco and alcohol to improve the general condition of our skin and eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, drink enough water to moisturize his organism from within;

– Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. But the beautiful star is useful to our health to help fix vitamin D and fight against seasonal depression, do not run away. It will be useful to wear sunglasses with good protection – both summer and winter – and to protect your skin with a high-index sunscreen.

– Avoid sources of stress and get enough sleep. Indeed, poorly managed stress, it is often forgotten, causes sleep disorders, nervousness, and … free radicals! It is therefore important to relax as much as possible and to take care of the quality of your sleep. – Avoid large differences in temperature. In winter, it

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