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Healthy energy supplements/nature energy drink

Energy drinks, which should not be confused with sports energy drinks, have been on the scene for some years now.



2 drops of thyme essential oil 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk 200g of blackcurrant 200 g of …

With the help of effective marketing, they have managed in a few years to forge the positive image of a dynamic and popular drink. Highly appreciated by younger generations, these drinks are nevertheless sources of questions.

What do they contain?

The energy drinks/power drink contain a cocktail cleverly dosed stimulating substances. It contains caffeine, guarana, ginseng or taurine and D-glucuronolactone (molecule derived from glucose). These drinks are also usually high in sugar. With rare exceptions, they do not contain alcohol.

These drinks are supposed to be real boosters and promise their consumers a boost of energy in the event of temporary tiredness or during an extended day. They act like a whiplash, giving the impression of no longer feeling tired and being in full possession of his physical and intellectual means. These drinks are for adults only and are not recommended for children or pregnant women.

It is important not to confuse “energy drinks/power drink” with “energy drinks” (sometimes also called “sugar drinks of the effort”) that are specifically aimed at athletes. These contain only carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. They can be consumed before, during and after exercise. They are formulated to prevent dehydration and pumping while maintaining performance and promoting recovery in case of intense or prolonged effort.

Should we be cautious?

Energy drinks are at the origin and at the heart of many controversies. Here is an overview of the different controversies raised by these drinks:

The presence of Taurine and D-glucuronolactone. Taurine is an amino acid derivative originally found in the bile of bull (1), hence its name. Although present naturally in the diet, the effects of this substance in high doses in the body remain poorly known. The sale of the most popular energy drink in its original formula (with taurine and D-glucuronolactone) has only been authorized in France since 2008. Similarly, the effects of D-glucuronolactone in the body remain high. to study.

The high concentration of stimulant substances is also questioned. This is a recurring argument for detractors of these drinks. Be aware that it is advisable to consume only half a can of beer per day (2). In June 2012, the Ministry of Health asked the National Agency for Sanitary Security to increase its vigilance on energy drinks and to renew its recommendations on their consumption (3).

The association of energy drinks with the world of sport. Energy drinks have gained notoriety by sponsoring sporting events and extraordinary performances, thus conveying values ​​of surpassing oneself. Through this, brands encourage the general public to think that energy drinks are recommended in case of physical effort and that they are the ideal accompaniment for athletes. These drinks, however, have never been shown to help with athletic performance. They contain a lot of caffeine that can affect the heart rate and promote the emission of urine that can cause dehydration. The National Agency for Sanitary Safety of Food even states that “they must be consumed in moderation and are not adapted to the practice of intense physical activity” (4).

Their abuse and association with alcohol. Even if they are not recommended to young people and it is recommended to consume them in moderation; these drinks are sold in the soda section and are therefore very accessible. They are sold in 250 ml can when the recommended consumption is only 125 ml and as it is impossible to close a can, the risk of overconsumption is present. Finally, these drinks are often consumed during parties and therefore associated with alcohol. But energy drinks minimize the feeling of alcohol resulting in a perverse effect that can be devastating.

Tips and tricks for getting energy in a natural way For most powerful energy drink

If you happen to be short of energy, know that the consumption of excitants is only a second best. A better lifestyle and a sleep time adapted to your needs remain the ideal solutions to the problem. Nature can also give you a boost. In terms of plants, you can bet on cures of Eleutherococcus

Cocktail with berries

2 drops of Thyme essential oil

200 ml of semi-skimmed milk

200g of blackcurrant

200 g strawberries

2 yellow peaches

1 mango

1 orange

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and keep the cocktail in the refrigerator. Serve very fresh for a full day!

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