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Guide on different types of dental care/ dental procedures

The descaling

Even with regular brushing and flossing, dental plaque is not needed because some parts of the tooth and tooth are hard to reach. Food residues and bacteria have therefore been transformed and transformed into time threads. This is to be a baby to the hand, this is a self-care, this is no to make visible, as it is hidden in the gums to ensure good oral health.

Sealings and composites

The filling (or amalgam) is one of the most common dental care. It is mainly used to treat cavities caused by attacks of bacteria on tooth enamel. This is a selfie to a selfie, and a substitute to a pleading, made of all metal, and the silver, the zinc, the copper and of mercury.

Today it is almost no longer used for the presence of mercury which is deprecated, and it itself replaces the composite, the resinous material inert and aesthetic.

Dental devitalization

Dental devitalization is a necessary operation in some of these serious injuries or close to it.

It consists of removing the pulp tissue at the root of the tooth and at the level of the crown. In other words, the tooth is devoid of all the nerve and vascular endings that are responsible for the sensitivity and pain.


When an incident was caused by a fracture or fracture, they were deflected, laying the crown stamped. It is an artificial dental prosthesis made of ceramic (or porcelain), aluminum, with or metal alloy that partially or totally covers the tooth. It is the best long-term treatment for protecting fragile teeth as they are sealed and repaired in the mouth.

Dental prostheses

The prosthesis is performed with a guarantee of loss, in general, with a repair, a bridge, a bridge, it replaces the missing teeth. The major disadvantage of this technique with respect to the crown or bridge is that it is removable and therefore less tolerated by the patient. They are sometimes made of resin or have a more sophisticated metal frame (stellite). Prostheses existing in several forms to know:

temporary partial resin prostheses

permanent partial dentures with metal frame

the complete dentures in resin

Partial or total prostheses on implants

etc …

Orthodontic appliances dental appliances

They make it possible to correct the aesthetic and functional problems that are related to a bad positioning of the teeth. The dental appliance is made from several anchors that are connected to each tooth and connected by an arc. This treatment is common in orthodontics but also very common in the field of pedodontics, the branch of odontology that occupies dental care with children.

Dental extraction

We use it when we were no longer able to keep the tooth. Extraction is necessary for treatment of dental cyst infection, root fracture, a severely loose and highly mobile tooth, an included tooth, an evolution, another, etc.

You can also use an orthodontic pattern to save space to straighten teeth. Extraction can be simple with local or complex anesthesia with surgical access and stitches. In order to receive adequate dental care and maintain perfect oral health, be sure to visit your dentist at least twice a day for routine visits.

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