exercises to reduce belly fat

Exercises to reduce belly fat

How to lose abdominal fat and have a flat stomach?

How to lose abdominal fat? Here is a question that many people are asking themselves and on which we decided to look. Indeed, an excess of fats in the body can lead to serious consequences on health: cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases … It is therefore important to adopt good habits in order to feel better in your body!

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To eliminate abdominal fat and thus find a flat stomach, it is essential to exercise regularly, eat healthy and balanced and strengthen abdominals. Other tips like using a lap belt may also be needed for a perfect result. Here are all our tips to help you eliminate your abdominal fat!
What is abdominal fat?
Before discovering the different ways to lose abdominal fat, it is important to know its definition and what it corresponds to. In reality, there are not one but two types of abdominal fat: the so-called metabolic syndrome and the so-called subcutaneous fat.
The first type corresponds to the most serious case since it can be at the origin of cardiovascular diseases. The appearance of your belly does not determine the type of fat you suffer. Only medical tests will make it possible to know (blood test, measurement of blood pressure …). If you are diagnosed with this metabolic syndrome, it is strongly advised to change your habits and opt for a healthier lifestyle.

The subcutaneous fat is that directly under the skin. To lose it quickly you can adopt a low calorie diet, for example, in parallel with regular physical activity. But there are many other ways to lose belly fat and that’s what we will see now.

Good foods to reduce abdominal fat
Some foods are ideal for reducing abdominal fat. Among them, there is olive oil, which contains so-called unsaturated fats and good for the body. As part of a diet, this oil is also recommended, since it is low in fat, but rich in good nutrients. Do not hesitate to add some in your dishes (about 2 spoons). Oats are also an interesting ally for losing abdominal fat. There is also a diet centered on this food, the oatmeal diet, because it has the power to cut the feeling of hunger. Oats are also very rich in fiber and its various substances help eliminate the bad toxins in the body.

Foods rich in fiber such as almonds, cereals and vegetables are also preferred when you want to lose abdominal fat. Indeed, these help promote digestion and ensure better assimilation of food. These also help to better control blood sugar levels.
Fruit side, the raspberry is the ideal, and for good reason! The latter contains a large amount of water and fiber. She is also very low in calories. Its flavonoids prevent the assimilation of fats and sugars in the body.

Salmon is a fish rich in omega-3 and vitamin D. It also contains good fatty acids for the body. This fish also helps to activate the metabolism and eliminate excess abdominal fat.

Finally, green tea is a drink that you can drink if you want to eliminate your abdominal fat. Indeed, greentea is an effective fat burner that aids digestion and burning fats, regulates sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and eliminates calories.

Other good habits to adopt
If a healthy, balanced diet is essential to reduce abdominal fat, other habits must also be adopted

Drink water all day On average, it is advisable to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day, for two reasons: stay hydrated all day and eliminate all the bad toxins in the body and promote weight gain.
Eat slowly. Indeed, when you eat fast, foods have more trouble digesting and they tend to store in the abdomen. It is therefore important to take the time to eat. This will also allow you to regain a feeling of fullness and therefore less eat.
Do not exceed three fruits a day. Of course, eating fruit is advisable when you want to lose weight, but they contain fructose, which when consumed in large quantities turns into fat. The latter is stored next to the abdomen. To avoid this, it is important not to exceed three fruits per day and to incorporate at least two vegetables.
Control your hunger. Losing abdominal fat naturally means eliminating all nibbling during the day. After each meal, you should also not feel any feeling of hunger.
Ban fatty foods such as crisps, pastries, sweets. These are very fat and caloric. Also avoid drinking alcohol. Very sweet, it will immediately turn into fat that will lodge at the level of your belly.

Exercises to reduce belly fat

When you want to get a flat stomach and therefore eliminate abdominal fat, the practice of physical exercises is unavoidable! To help you in your fight, here are some exercise ideas that will help you burn abdominal fat, invigorate your belly and find well sculpted abs!

Exercises to reduce belly fat

The crunch
Crunch, also known as abdominal narrowing, is one of the best exercises to eliminate belly fat. To achieve it, here are the steps to follow:

Put yourself in a lying position on your back.
Place your hands behind your head while keeping elbows against the floor.
Raise your legs to a 90 ° angle.
Once in this position, raise your bust while contracting your abs.
At the same time, bring your knees to the level of your torso (the back should always remain pressed against the ground).
Lateral flexions
Lateral flexions are also an ideal exercise to find a flat stomach. To achieve this, you must lie on your back and put your feet flat on the ground. Spread them the same width as your pond. Contract your abs and try to touch your right foot with your right arm (same with the left side) while keeping the position lying down and feet flat on the ground. Reassemble and redo this operation with the other side. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

The knee statement
It’s a less known exercise, but it’s just as effective as the others: the knee. First, sit on a chair leaving as much space as possible between your back and the back. Put your hands on the side of the chair and bend your elbows slightly. Then, tilt your back to the backrest, then raise your knees at the level of your bust. Go back down them. Your movements must be precise and slow at the same time and your abs must always be contracted.

To avoid any pain, try not to bend your back and not to tip forward. 3 sets of 15 are a good average.

The board
The board is a very practiced cladding exercise. Easy to do, you simply need to position yourself on all fours, place your forearms on the ground and keep your legs stretched. The back should remain straight. Once in this position, try to stay between 10 and 15 seconds depending on your abilities.

Note: your abs should always be contracted and always think to breathe well.

Try to repeat this exercise 10 times.

Lateral swinging of the legs
The lateral sway of the legs is also very interesting for losing abdominal fat. To achieve this, you must lie on your back with your arms on your side and along your body. Raise your legs to form a right angle with your bust. Contract your abs and try to get your belly button. Lower your legs on the left side without ever touching the ground, go back and repeat the same exercise, but on the other side this time. Do 3 sessions of 15.

The other ideal exercises
All exercises presented above should be performed on a regular basis for best results. Moreover, the results obtained will last longer if you are rigorous and constant. On the other hand, other activities also contribute to good physical health. Here are some good habits to adopt regularly.

Walking is perfect for losing abdominal fat. Very simple to perform, it does not require any equipment and can be performed every day. As soon as you can (when you go to work, look for your children at school …), do not hesitate to take a short walk of a few minutes. This can only be beneficial to you!

Between the elevator and the stairs, many people opt for the first solution, and yet! Taking the stairs has multiple health benefits! Indeed, this activity allows you to lose calories, tone your muscles and refine your belly. Do not hesitate to borrow them!

Finally, as indicated before, the presented exercises must be practiced regularly for better results. For each session, also provide maximum effort! Over time (and as soon as your fitness allows you), also consider increasing the duration of your sports sessions.

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