middle back pain

Evil in the middle of the/ back middle back pain: what are the reasons?

If pain in the lower and upper back is common, pain in the middle back is more rare. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the pain in the middle of the back is less important. Back pain, a medical term for this condition, can cause severe and lasting pain if it is not diagnosed and treated. So, what are the reasons for a mid-back pain?

Evil in the middle of the back/middle back pain: areas of back pain

Dorsalgia or pain in the middle of the back is pain that starts from the root of the neck to the middle of the back. These back pains therefore concern all the sufferings that relate to one of the 12 dorsal vertebrae. If the origin of the back pain is not detected, the back pain can become chronic and persist for more than 3 months

Common causes of back pain

The pain in the middle of the back can have the same origins as in the case of back pain or neck pain. Back pain can be caused by: mechanical causes, traumatic causes, degenerative causes (osteoarthritis, for example), inflammatory causes, contracture related to stress and anxiety, etc. The pain in the middle of the back can also be a projected pain; that is to say that the affection affects an internal organ (such as the heart, lung or digestive system) but is reflected on the back

Evil in the middle of the back/middle back pain: rarely a mechanical problem

Low back pain (lower back pain) and neck pain (upper back pain) often have a mechanical origin. That is, a wrong movement, a bad posture, an intense physical effort can be responsible for a pain in the back. In the case of middle back pain, this is rarely the case. Back pain is usually inflammatory pain. Some inflammatory diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis are the causes of back pain. Sometimes, in the case of visceral disorder, when a pathology affects an internal organ such as the pancreas, the back can also suffer. Thus, cardiovascular diseases (aortic aneurysm, infarction, etc.) or pulmonary or digestive diseases (ulcer, pancreatitis, pancreatic or stomach cancer, etc.) may be the cause of pain in the body. middle of the back.

Evil in the middle of the back/middle back pain: the factors that aggravate the pain

Some factors can aggravate the pain in the middle of the back. Our sedentary lifestyle tests our back (bed rest, sitting posture, etc.), sometimes harming the health of our backs. To avoid the inconvenience, it is advisable to adopt a suitable posture for the back and to adapt his working and domestic environment (office chair, mattress, etc.) Age, the menopause, the overweight, the excessive smoking, anxiety and stress as well as pregnancy can be conditions that promote back pain.

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